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Machu Picchu(Peru)

The archaeological complex is located on the top of the mountain, Machu Picchu (in Quechua means ancient mountain or important mountain) which gives its name to the citadel and the impressive landscape that we have all seen. In front of this, the incredible mountain of Wayna Picchu appears ("young mountain") on whose top and slopes some archaeological remains are located. Both peaks border the mighty Urubamba River that runs eastward, 400 meters below the citadel.

Access is given by rail (112.5 Km - 4 hours approx), from San Pedro station in Cusco, to Aguas Calientes station and the only company that performs this service is Peru Rail. From this point there are two ways to climb the citadel, one (which is the most common) is by bus (20 min trip). The other way is on foot (no cost for the pocket but for the legs) on a walk lasting 1½ hours. To the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, and adventure lovers can reach Machupicchu via THE INCA ROAD that runs from km 82 in four days and three nights approximately, km 88 in four days and three nights approximately and km 104 in two Days and one night.